Flagship Grill Pan: totally re-imagined & urbanized cast iron Skillet

Flagship Grill Pan brings the best features of outdoor grilling to the comfort of your kitchen: much healthier food with perfect “campfire” taste, and your meal also comes uniquely decorated by iron-stamped ornaments. The Flagship Grill Pan is all-new 21st century patents-pending skillet. It’s not just centuries proven cast iron artistry; it embodies a reflection of our evolving life style and eating habits in a one of a kind cooking tool! 

Image of grilled food, which is artistically stamped with the skillet ridges

The Dry Heat Surface with scientifically calculated dimensions of high-raised grill ridges creates the full effect of outdoor grilling.

Gif which shows even oil and moisture distribution in the Flagship Grill pan

Easy-flow drainage combined with high-capacity reservoirs remove and keep all fat and grease outside of the grill’s cooking area, providing a much healthier lower-cholesterol meal. The Flagship Grill Pan is made from ecologically clean cast iron and pre-seasoned with pure organic vegetable oils. 

Flagship Grill Pan: two unique iron-stamp patterns available: the Old Glory and the Mountain Springs.

Gif which shows two available designs, Old Glory and Mountain Springs

Contemporary design and innovative features of Flagship Grill Pan stand out in any kitchen, while artistically decorated food cooked on it stands out on any table

Image shows, variation of prepared food on cast iron skillet

Flagship Grill Pan is the easiest way to enjoy an open-fire quality barbecue, in any weather and anywhere. Whether you live in a single-family house or in a high-rise apartment building, cooking outside or indoors, the Flagship Grill Pan will deliver perfectly grilled and uniquely iron-stamped food.

Image shows comfort of use for both left and right handed individuals

Flagship Grill Pan is comfortable in use due to its ergonomic handles and ideal weight distribution for either right or left-handed grip.

Image shows, the Flagship grill pan can be used both for indoor cooking and outdoor grilling

Flagship Grill Pan is not your average cast iron skillet, its scientifically engineered and tested all around.

For the first run of pans we’ve chosen a size reflective of the most popular #8 skillets that easily fit practically any gas or electric stove. The proprietary manufactured pan will weigh approximately 6 lbs., providing an ideal balance between efficient, even grilling and comfortable handling. It will come pre-seasoned and ready to be used on any type of stove, including gas, electrical or induction. It also could be put into any type of oven or used on any type of open fire.