Avant-Garde Management, Inc. was organized in 2010 as a research and development engineering company. It has successfully performed several R&D projects for government and commercial organizations. It has also managed the full development and production cycle for several products in the transportation industry, and now utilize its extensive manufacturing expertise for something that we all enjoy: creative cooking.
While the Flagship Grill Pan isn’t a rocket science, it’s as close to it as the cast iron skillet could be. The idea of a healthier and tastier indoor grilling was born about 2 years ago, and has slowly evolved into the best product we can provide. It’s all resulting from the hard work of our team, our repeated research and testing, coupled with more research and tests, repeated and again… We’ve thoroughly studied each component of our pan, improved it again and again, and combined it all into one solid and functional system.
Image shows how cast iron skillet is designed and made

Cast iron skillet in the making